Automation as a Service

What PowerPoint and Keynote were to creating presentations, will be to automating internal company processes.

Swifter, Smarter and More Lean

Whether it's in Customer Service, Procurement or HR, AI and Automation easily offer a return on investment of 20-60% in the first year.

Quicker, Cheaper and More Efficient!

We've democratised the market for intelligent automation and made it accessible, affordable and more widely available for small and medium sized companies and organisations.

Efficient, Intuitive and Customizable

We created a business friendly UX and user interface tailor-made to best suit your business, process and technology needs.

Clever, Business Friendly CMS

With our Smart Editor and Process Engine, you can automate one process or one thousand of them. It's that quick and easy. But fair warning, it's also addictive.

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Powerful Systems and Integrations

Use to not only improve existing services but also engineer new ones. With our extensive list of connections, free your team from routine work so they can focus on strategic tasks, sell customers other services and generate new revenue.

Advanced Analytics and Smart Recommendations

Unlock the true potential of bot interfaces, AI and process automation. Enhance your team's knowledge, performance and speed.

Why you will ❤️
  1. In the cloud or on premise
  2. Massivly reduced cost of ownership
  3. Extensive customization and integration with your existing tech stack
  4. Comprehensive onboarding and training
  5. Increased flexibility and quicker time to market
  6. Positive NPS
  7. Increased employee satisfaction
  8. Standardization
  9. A global partner network
  10. An in-house learning academy is used by many great companies, including:

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