Our Vision

Smart companies are making the shift towards a more virtual workforce to deal with those mundane repetitive tasks and processes. Our mission is to help organisations to operate more efficiently and improve their service offering which will make them more competitive, with lower prices that attract more customers more of the time. Choosing RPA for its cost cutting benefits alone without considering value for the users will put you out of the game quickly. The wrong approach to RPA is not good for your employees and not good for business. With our RPA services and solutions, make your team and employees' careers more fulfilling. 

Our Offices


H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 100
1114AD Amsterdam


Marshala Malynovs’koho st. 24/10,
3rd floor


Chemin de l'Ormet 1B,
1024 Ecublens

Our Goal

We want to take the fear out of AI and bots and show people there is nothing to worry about. We're extremely optimistic about the future. We built Tur.ai out of a need, we had a skills shortage, we were frustrated with spending valuable energy and time on boring repetitive tasks and we freaking love processes! So what we really want to do is make processes cool again.

A Team of Circuit Breakers

We are a diverse bunch of innovators with a proven track record in building and growing companies.

Our Team

  • Jack Myasushkin
    CTO and Founder
  • Mario Grunitz
  • Anastasia Gritsenko
    Head of UX
  • Vladimir Vinnikov
  • Tanya Lyabik
    Team lead
  • Helen Lysenko
    UX/UI designer
  • Pavel Kozhokar
    AI Lead
  • Alex Krol


  • Michel Pilet
    CEO Сlevergig
  • Elvire Jaspers
    CEO Brain Agency Group
  • Conor McGlynn
    Founder Maven Consulting


We are always on the lookout for talent in the areas of Engineering, AI, Product Development, Customer Success and Consultative Selling. Please get in touch!

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