Voice Assisted eCommerce Automation


WeAreBrain and Tur.ai collaborated with a leading FMCG company to build the first eCommerce solution enabling users to order products through Google’s Home Assistant.

#GoogleHome #Voice #Automation

Gamified eLearning and Staff Training


User-friendly management system for to upskill teams remotely via a Facebook messenger chatbot.

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IT & First Line Support Automation


Automating first line support during annual software launches to relief customer service and internal support teams of a major hospital group in the Netherlands.

#IT #Helpdesk #Medical

eCommerce Virtual Sales Assistant


Providing personalised beauty product recommendations and guided discovery based on the shopper’s needs and preferences at Bio-cosmetics e-tailer Bloom Avenue.

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Slack IT & DevOps Automation

United States

@Elio is an Amazon powered conversational Slack bot, able to assimilate natural language inputs and developed by analysing recordings of 10 000+ hours of collaboration

#Slack #NLP #DevOps

Party & Event Registration Automation


A virtual agent bot enabling users to sign up to the events, manage mobile guest-lists for the hosts and deliver insightful business intelligence dashboards.

#Messenger #B2B #Facebook

Marketing Automation with OCR


Image recognition of end-user submitted scans of super market receipts; judgment and calculation of cash back amounts and automated internal process flows.

#MLP #OCR #Neural

Procurement Automation


A Virtual Assistant workbot orchestrating a new collaboration process aligning various people and internal systems to ensure 1st-time-right resolutions and speedy Procurement processing.

#Procurement #ProcessAutomation

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