We Offer Process Automation
Solutions of All Kinds

Make the shift towards a more virtual workforce. We have RPA solutions for various industries and sectors, that deal with repetitive tasks and prcosses that will make your business more efficient.

Don't Be Left Behind

Big companies have adopted RPA and AI solutions early so they stay ahead of the curve. Smaller companies that aren't future focused will get left behind. Find out how Tur.ai can help deal with your industry specific challenges.

Customer Service

Boost productivity and customer satisfaction

Finance & Accounting

Change the way you manage suppliers and payments

HR and Recruiting

Screen, hire and manage talent more efficiently

Learning and Development

Rethink your development, training and retention of talent.

Sales & Marketing

Acquire, retain and interact with customers in a new and exciting way

Retail and E-commerce

Upgrade the way you sell

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Improve inventory management and demand forecasting

IT & Technology Services

Deliver your services better

Hospitality and Event Industries

Plan, organise and run events that run smoother than ever before

Legal and Compliance

Eliminate human error and ensure accuracy


Source and manage suppliers effortlessly

Health & Medical

Keep your focus on your patients' well being